Where the Future Was Yesterday…

The flying cars are still on backorder. Somebody get on that, will ya?

Actually, we (well, “I,” most of the time) write software that serves a purpose and is easy to use. We use what technology has to offer us without burying ourselves in whiz-bang gimmicks that don't help.

Depending on the day, Colagioia Industries provides:

Check out our work. At this time, only our web-based applications are shown, for obvious reasons.

If you need our help with a project, get in touch!

A Quick Note

While we describe the projects in the present tense, because they can always get pushed back into service, most of the public-facing project have gone into the archives, for the time being. Either they didn't bring enough revenue in to warrant keeping them running, the experiment ran its course, or a better-funded competitor went on to dominate the market. However, if you would like a demonstration of any specific project, get in touch at the link above.

Hosted Software

All Around the News is an experimental news site, intended to provide interesting stories while helping to make those stories profitable for everyone, without treating the reader like an inconvenience.
  • Articles are low-bandwidth, with images left on the originating website. This allows for a cleaner presentation
  • Easy bookmarking of articles to read later.
  • Offer to help the reader donate to journalism we all value.
Reading the news is free, though we accept donations, contracts to run on-page ads, and will soon offer options for native advertising.

eManagr is an automated project management system that’s:
  • Driven by priorities over deadlines, ensuring that effort gets the “best bang for the buck;”
  • Zero-configuration, getting to work as soon as you open your account; and
  • Works in the field, communicating by e-mail, with Twitter, SMS, and “paper sync” soon to follow.
Subscription based. Not available to new customers at this time. Professional accounts cost $5.99(US) per month.

A Social Me monitors your online reputation, turning random data into actionable intelligence. Key features include:
  • Contents updated daily;
  • Understanding of the difference between a Facebook friend, a LinkedIn colleague, or a Digg vote;
  • Reports delivered to your inbox; and
  • Different weighting profiles depending on your goals.
Subscription based. Closed, but planning to relaunch with a more ethical stance than prior attempts.

Agora/Open provides a marketplace and incubator for Open Source/Open Content materials. Key features include:
  • Intelligent searching, including genres, color schemes, dimensions, price, license, and so forth;
  • Automatic contract and royalty negotiation, should you want to create a derived work; and
  • A social-style network to help keep track of what your friends and partners work on.
Closed for business, with the money-handling code disabled. When Agora/Open is open, all accounts are free, but takes 15% of every sale to cover transaction fees, hosting, and marketing.

OpenKash is a private currency (scrip) designed to supplement the money supply in distressed communities in the following ways:
  • Easily deployable, with nothing needed beyond a single computer;
  • Extensible into the real world, providing paper currency with only a printer and digital cameras;
  • Anonymous when necessary, just like cash;
  • Secure when necessary, combining features of checks, traveler’s checks, and credit cards, when necessary;
Currently under development. The OpenKash service will be available for free other than creating a balance. The OpenKash software will also be available free of charge for those wishing to create their own scrip system.

Standalone Software

You like eManagr, but want control of the server? Get your own! eManagr can be shipped to your door, pre-installed and ready to plug into your network, or downloaded and ready to install on your own server.
Contact us for pricing and availability.

ByPage is an online store for comic books and other printed, graphical material. Far from a mere shopping cart and download system, ByPage works the way your customers work so that they will patronize you instead of the piracy community, by:
  • Making material accessible instantly, potentially before the pirated editions;
  • Reducing prices over time, encouraging customers to buy “back issues” and retaining customers who are patient but thrifty;
  • Allowing potential customers to browse any book in stock at low quality for a sample;
  • Producing downloads in the most common and versatile format for reading (CBR/CBZ), with others (PDF) optional; and
  • Tagging every downloaded page with tracking information—nobody will ever stop piracy, but you can quickly determine and penalize “leaks” in your customer base.
ByPage is still under development, but you may explore our demonstration system. Please contact us for pricing and availability if interested.

Friendifier is a social networking platform designed to be easy to deploy, extend, and maintain. Right out of the box, it also allows for different kinds of relationships and intelligent analysis of people with no current relationship.
Still under development, Friendifier will be available under an open license (likely the GNU Public License), free of charge.

Part e-mail. Part forum. Part bulletin board. Part chat. Part blog with comments. Communications reinvented for the dynamic web, a Bicker server is ready to go out of the box, allowing quick and effective communications and collaboration.
In short, Bicker works as follows:
  • Find a message of interest, or start your own.
  • In an existing message, click on any punctuation mark and insert your response. Your comments are automatically inserted for all to see and are automatically “threaded” into the conversation.
  • When the comments become too complicated to follow, call to create a new version—the original poster may edit a clean copy of the message with disputes resolved; the old version is archived for reference, and discussion can start anew.
Google Wave might be getting all the buzz, but Colagioia Bicker is what you need, if you want simplicity and control.

There is a certain board game that you've all played, involving properties and hotels and the like. You know the one. It almost has a monopoly on the market, so to speak.
Before big business got its hands on the game, however, it was The Landlord Game by Lizzie Magie, intended to teach economics, particularly the capitalist–communist ideas of Henry George.
We have unearthed it and will provide it in three ways:
  • Play it for free on our servers, against the computer or friends;
  • Buy the desktop version and host games of your own, complete with house rules; or
  • Download the core engine and create your own version of this historic game.